World's Biggest Aquarium

At the Radisson SAS hotel in Berlin Mitte, you can zip up and down the building in an elevator that’s encased inside a giant aquarium. At 25 meters tall, and 11 meters wide, the aquarium is the largest acrylic glass cylinder in the world and contains 900,000 liters of sea water and 56 different species of fish. A pair of divers undertakes daily cleaning and fish feeding activities.

The outside cylinder was manufactured onsite using 4 pieces by Reynolds Polymer technology the same material used in the massive aquariums at Dubai’s Burj al Arab, while the cylinder for the aquarium was delivered in a single piece. Guests can use the elevator to access a sightseeing point under the glass roof.

Many of the suites in the hotel have been designed to provide views of the aquarium – a sort of ocean view with a difference.


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