Tourists charged $103 for ice cream in Rome

No visit to Rome is complete without trying gelato, but a group of four British tourists got a rude shock when they were charged 64 euros (S$103) for four cones of ice cream.

Roger Bannister, his brother and their wives, who were on a six-day holiday in Italy, were each charged 16 euros earlier in May at Antica Roma bar and gelateria, which is situated near the famed Spanish steps.

The bar manager claimed that the prices of the ice cream were displayed "everywhere" and that the group was paying for large scoops that are "worth the price".

The group could not believe they had been charged so much. "It's incredible. It can't be normal, can it?" Mr Bannister said to The Telegraph.

The manager, who declined to be named, said: "We're not talking about one or two scoops, they are really big."

"No one forced them to order big ice creams. We also serve small ones which only costs 2.50 euros. But if you want a lot of ice cream then it is worth the price."

The gelateria also serves a mean scoop of extra-large ice cream that would cost a whopping 25 euros - and if you wanted a topping of whip cream, pay an extra 3.50 euros.

According to The Telegraph, cafes and bars in Italy are known to double or triple their prices for customers who want to dine-in. The British tourists did not do that - they bought their ice cream to go.

Officials in Rome told the UK publication that such practices harm the image of Italy as a tourist destination. "It's a scandal and it should be treated as such," said city councillor, Matteo Costantini.

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