Mother's Day special: Baby animals with their mothers

Cheetah with her cub
These mamas are wild! No matter what the species, nothing can break the bond between a mother and her baby. In honor of Mother's Day, take a look at the cutest moms in the Animal Kingdom ... Can you say aww? This proud cheetah mother and her 8-week-old cub are so adorable they have us seeing spots.

 Elephant and her baby
Instead of holding hands, this mother elephant makes sure her baby stays nice and close by linking up trunks. Admit it. Your heart is melting.

Koala bear with her baby
Mother knows best! A young koala hitches a ride from its marsupial mama at a zoo in Duisburg, Germany.

Beluga whale and her baby
This beluga whale family is making a splash with all the adorableness they are dishing out.

Alligator with her baby
Aw, snap! We're not sure how this teeny tiny alligator climbed atop mom's head, but he sure does look excited to be there.

Tortoise with her baby
This mom has babies on the brain! A four-day-old African spurred tortoise uses its mother as a headrest.

Siberian tiger and her baby
There's nothing ferocious about this adorable Siberian tiger cub nuzzling its mother -- just a whole lot of cuteness.

Rhinoceros with her cub
A rhinoceros cub gets a nudge from its mother Betty while playing in the mud. He certainly has a lot of growing up to do!

Lioness with her cubs
It must be bath time! A mother lioness gives her new-born cub a playful lick, but these kiddos don't look too excited about it.

Polar bear with her cubs
These tiny cubs sure do bear an uncanny resemblance to mom. Mother Cora hangs out with her twins at the zoo in Brno, Czech Republic.

Ape with her baby
This little guy isn't too young to monkey around with mom. Have you ever seen a more playful pair?

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