Underwater lovers share a tender kiss

 These two look like they are turtle-y in love - as they pucker up for an underwater kiss.

The love-struck reptiles shared the intimate moment as they swam together off the coast of Tenerife.

Spanish photographer Montse Grillo captured the green turtles, otherwise known as Chelonia Mydas, near her home on the holiday island.

She had been tracking the shelled lovers as they swam int he crystal blue waters.

Montse, 36, said: 'It took many hours of patience to capture this perfect moment.

'Whenever I look at this image I'm happy because I always enjoy turtles.'

The Tenerife native added: 'All of my photographs are from this wonderful and enchanting island.

'I first picked up a camera two years ago and since then I've been practically living under water.

'When I take a picture I always try to transmit a feeling to the viewer and let the picture tell a story.

'That requires much time and dedication to each picture and a great passion for the underwater world.

'These photographs are the result of all this.

'In most cases there is just one chance for the perfect picture and you have to be there, prepared with the finger on the trigger, everything correctly adjusted, waiting for it.'

Source : dailymail


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