At 26in tall, Little John is the biggest cockerel in the world...

A livestock owner claims to have reared the biggest cockerel in the world... on a diet of popcorn.

Little John, who is just one year old, terrifies small children who visit him because he stands at a staggering 26in - more than 2ft tall.

And the huge Brahma bird could get even bigger as he is expected to continue growing until his second birthday.

Owner Jeremy Goldsmith confidently claims he is a world-beater because he also reared the previous biggest, Melvin, who was 24in tall.

Little John roams the 10-acre grounds of Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, Essex, where he gets plenty of crisps and popcorn from visitors.

Mr Goldsmith, 45, said: 'Little John looks massive compared to the other cockerels and chickens we have on the estate.

'I think he has grown so big just because he is treated well and you don't get more free range than here.

They have the chance to roam around and they eat differently to most other chickens.

'The kids often feed him sandwiches and crisps, but his favourite has got to be popcorn.

'Maybe that's why he has got so big.

'He terrifies the children as he always comes up to them thinking they have food.

'Some of the kids are quite small so sometimes Little John is up to their waist.'

He added: 'We've had him here since he hatched and we thought he might be the biggest because we held the previous Guinness World Record for the biggest cockerel.

'So we measured him and he was 26in which didn't surprise us in the end.

'He'll continue to grow until he is two years old, so who knows how tall he will end up.

'We've spoken to the people at the Guinness World Record who've confirmed Little John is the biggest, but they are sending someone to measure him.'

Brahmas are an Asiatic breed of chicken that originated from birds exported through Shanghai in China and were known as 'Shanghai' birds.

Source : dailymail


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