Waterskiing Westies feature in wacky new weather app designed to cheer people up

 These pictures of West Highland White Terriers have been designed to cheer anyone up - whatever the weather.

The wacky pictures are a new feature of the iPhone app Weather Puppy, which comes free but allows users to buy different themes.

But canine-lovers worried about the welfare of these adventurous Westies need not panic, the images have been created using sophisticated digital techniques.

British publishers Maverick Arts are behind the pictures and used image-manipulation skills to make it seem as if the dogs are indulging in adrenaline sports.  Maverick managing director Steve Bicknell said: 'We are obsessed with the weather here in the UK and I think our pictures of the Westies should cheer people up whether they are at a sunny beach or hiding from the rain.'

Source : dailymail


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