DO step on the grass! But would YOU wear flip-flops made of synthetic greenery?

Nothing feels more summery than kicking off your shoes and walking on grass.

But should you have no idyllic meadow to frolic in, then these new flip-flops could be the answer.

The soles are lined with surprisingly lifelike synthetic grass, giving you the feeling of strolling across a freshly mown lawn whether you're indoors or out.

The shoe comes in men's and women's versions, with a rugged green strap for chaps and a charming daisy for women.

It's not exactly like going barefoot in the park, but for a touch of nature with no need to water or mow, it's not a bad substitute.

Just don't take them off while sitting on the lawn, as it will be tricky to find them again.

Source : dailymail


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