The camouflaged chameleon and his colour-co-ordinated friend

Chameleons are famous for their ability to change colour to blend in with their environment.

Fortunately this butterfly didn't give the game away when it came to rest on a reptile's head in Turkey - as its wings were an identical shade of bright green.

The delicate Eastern Dappled White flitted on to the chameleon's back as it clung to the stem of a plant in Kahramanmaras, before perching casually on the creature's head.

The quirky scene caught the attention of photographer Mehmet Karaca, 28, who fetched his camera after being struck by the creatures' matching 'strong green colour'.

'I love that these two are the same strong green colour,' he said.

'They both look so calm and peaceful together - they're perfectly matched.'

Mr Karaca took the shots at around 6pm near his home in the Turkish city.

Source : dailymail


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