Artist uses toy cars to create amazing paintings

An artist has been dubbed 'Pic-cars-so' after using toy cars covered in paint to create amazing artworks.

28-year-old Ian Cook from Birmingham drives the toys across the canvas, spreading the paint to produce motoring-focused images.

While Cook has a degree in fine art, he says wanted to find a way of combining his love for painting with that of motor sport.

And the bizarre idea came to him after being given a radio controlled car as a Christmas present and told not to get paint on it.

Speaking to Newslite he said: "So the process started, firstly by trying out experimental works, and then creating recognizable images. Cars painting cars is generally what I do."

Cook is now frequently commissioned to create images at live events in front of an audience and produces between 75 and 100 artworks each year.

"Over the past four years I have created a number of projects and stunts for different clients and brands," he said.

"The most famous and ‘well known’ one is that of the ‘Lewis Hamilton portrait’ created for Reebok. The portrait was the size of a three storey building (12 metres x 8 metres) and was displayed near tower bridge.

"The artwork took a week to create in Central London and over 17,500 people came into a temporary studio to see it being created."



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