Flippin' eck! Jetpack lets you become a human dolphin

Ever dreamed of zooming through the water and leaping in the air like a dolphin? Well now you can thanks to an Iron Man-style jet pack called a Flyboard.

Built by water sports enthusiast Franky Zapata, from Marseille, the wearer straps his or her feet into shoes that are attached to powerful water jets, providing lift, with hand-guided nozzles stabilising the flight.

Earlier this year much excitement was generated by the water-powered Jetlev jetpack, but the difference with the Flyboard is that you can dive back in the water and out again.

The other difference is the price. The Jetlev costs an eye-watering £60,000, but the basic Flyboard model comes in at £4200.

They share similar mechanics, though, with water being sucked from the ocean through a huge hose attached to a jetski and blasted back out again.

The power of the water is controlled by an operator on the jetski, which has to have at least 100hp to operate the Flyboard.

Once you’ve got the hang of it it’s possible to jump to incredible heights out of the water – over 30ft - with Franky Zapata himself even able to perform backwards somersaults.

It’s not quite as graceful as a dolphin, but the fun factor is flippin’ high.

Read more : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2070557/Iron-Man-style-jet-pack-Flyboard-lets-human-dolphin.html#ixzz1fmnvWhI3


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