AK47 Escopettaras Guitar by Cesar Lopez

There's so many unique guitar model in the worlds today, such as this AK47 Gun Guitar that made by Cesar Lopez a Sculptor from Columbia. Lopez has an idea to rebuild the old AK47 the weapon of war into the weapon of entertainment after the violent incident in 2003. He made this Guitar to to spread the message of universal peace through music.

The Ideas of Making a Guitar from an Old AK47 was comes while playing in front of the Bogota Country Club, Cesar witnessed a car bomb explosion. In the ensuing chaos, he noticed the way the army guards carry their guns is quite similar to the way a guitar is held by musicians, and the escopetarras were born.

Lopez is well known for his skills of turning old guns into guitars. He calls them escopetarras, which when translated means rifle guitars. He does not just build these guitars; he entertains people as well with his live street performances.

Want to own this Escopettaras guitar? Unfortunately Lopez won't sell his creation to anyone, on crazy world's previous post you can also get many weird and bizarre guitar model. And here's the Video of Cesar Lopez playing his AK47 Guitar.



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