Hoverbike prototype built by Australian designer

An Australian inventor has created a hover-bike which he claims could soon be capable of travelling at 170mph and 10,000ft.

Admittedly Chris Malloy's prototype has currently only hovered while tethered to the ground, but the designer is confident about his vehicle's potential.

He says the Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber hover bike will eventually steer like a traditional motorbike and outperform a two-blade aircraft in the air.

Suggested uses including aerial cattle mustering, search and rescue and aerial survey… we think he forgot to mention 'recreating scenes from Star Wars'.

Given the device would also be classified as an ultralight (at least in the US) there would be no need for a pilot’s license, meaning that many people could get their wish of flying into the office.

Speaking to Newslite, Malloy said the bike could go be at a position to go on public sale within two years time for a price around £26,000.

"Building a working bike has never been the problem," he said. "Just time and money,
neither of which I have much of…"



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