polar bear cubs prove pester power pays off after finally getting the ball off mum

As any sportsman knows, there's nothing more frustrating than having a ball hogger on the team.

So it is no surprise these adorable polar bear cubs looked a little peeved when their mum, Cora, got hold of a yellow ball and just wouldn't let go at Brno Zoo in the Czech Republic.

Her skills may have been impressive as she demonstrated an impressive keepy-uppy technique, but the cubs, Kometa and Nanuk, evidently weren't interested in being spectators.

After at first waiting patiently at the side of the water, they decided to take matters into their own paws and stretched for the ball.

And, after an agonising wait, it looks like Cora finally decided to have a rest and let them have a go, proving pester power isn't just the preserve of human children.

The bears' home was founded in the Eastern European country 1950 and is affiliated with the CITES Centre for animals from illegal international trade and the rescue station for injured and disabled wild animals.

Source : dailymail


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