Outrage after whale shark is tied up for two and a half hours so girl can 'surf' on it

A Facebook picture of a girl 'surfing' a captured whale shark has sparked outrage among environmentalists and animal lovers.

The girl, identified as Carinn Lestolis, her family and other tourists gathered around the shark in the waters of Barangay Granada in Boljoon, Philippines, after its tail was tied to a post.

They were seen petting the three-metre long fish just off shore while fishermen held on to it. Miss Lestolis was then helped onto the creature where she appeared to use it as a surfboard. The giant shark, which eats tiny plants and animals, had been caught in a fishing net, according to Cebu Daily News. Fisherman Pablo Trapero, claimed it had to be dragged to shallow waters in order to be released. But a resident in the town allegedly paid 100 pesos (£1.47) to have it tied up so tourists could see it, the Sun Star reported.


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