Giant whale caught on camera swallowing a whole shoal of fish

A whale prepares to clamp its jaws around a shoal of sardines in this remarkable underwater image.

Underwater photographer Doug Perrine travelled to Mexico's Baja Peninsula to photograph the magnificent 50-foot-long Bryde's whale.

Scientists know so little about them that the numbers, range in the world's oceans and whether this species of whale is in danger of being wiped out are not understood.

Bryde's whales are a type of baleen whale that feed on small fish and krill.

Surrounded by hungry marlins and sea lions, Doug and his fellow diver, Brandon Cole, found themselves in the middle of a feeding frenzy, which allowed them to witness, and get extraordinarily close to, this act of nature. 'The whales would just appear out of nowhere and blindsided us,' said Doug. 'They came in so fast that they seemed to just appear out of nowhere right next to us - it was very unnerving.'


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