The zoo vet who thinks it's okay to kiss a cheetah

These are the paw-some images of a man who is 'best friends' with a cheetah.

A man's best friend is meant to be his dog but not for Andrey Golosov who has found his prrr-fect pal in sleek and furry Seva.

Mr Golosov, a veterinary student from Russia, took care of Seva after he was abandoned by his mother when he was just a cub.

The 24-year-old took the young cub to his home where he hand reared him, feeding him from a bottle and taking the place of the cheetah's mum.
Seva lived with Andrey at his home for more than five months before he was taken back to Moscow Zoo. As these remarkable images show, the pair have an incredible bond and the usually deadly animal can be seen cuddluing and kissing his best friend. Photographer, Lilia Tkachenko, 38 who captured the pair's special bond on camera, said the now fully grown cheetah was very tender towards Mr Golosov.


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