Fisherman smashes 190-year-old record by catching a 46lb pike

With a hand carefully positioned under its huge belly, Andy O’Connor poses with the catch of his life.

The novice angler had just spent 15 exhausting minutes battling to land the monster pike.

When he weighed it, he was amazed to discover it tipped the scales at exactly 46lb – equalling the 190-year-old record for the biggest pike caught in England.
The 20-year-old roofer from Hull was about to pack up and go home when the enormous fish took his line. He said: ‘I had caught a small trout earlier in the day and me and a friend were about to call it a day when my float started going. ‘As soon as I got a feel of it I knew it was a big one, but when it came towards the net I saw just how big it was and nerves nearly got the better of me.’


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