The world's most expensive quad bike goes on sale for a cool £170,000

It may look impressive and worth an eye-watering £170,000, but the world’s most expensive quad bike can’t even be driven on the road.

Manufacturers Lazareth say that the Wazuma V8 is so powerful it is purely a track-only vehicle.

Designed and produced by Lazareth, they have now put the one-off machine for sale on the luxury website JamesList - an Auto Trader for billionaires.

Manufactured this year, Lazareth describes the quad as an 'atypical three-wheel vehicle', with the rear two wheels linked together.

Weighing in at a relatively light 650kg, the expensive vehicle is able to reach travel at high speeds.

Its makers say the powerful 250bhp engine means its can reach more than 150pmh on the clock.

On the JamesList advert it says 'All the engine management can be modified and monitored with a computer.'

To complement the high-performance engine and gearbox, the Wazuma also has huge Brembo brakes and a unique, made-to-measure suspension.

It also uses huge 18-inch wheels with racing slick tyres.

It has been crafted with an impressive mix of names, with an engine fitted by Ferrari and a six speed gearbox, controlled by the handlebars from a BMW M3.

A spokesperson for the company said: 'The Wazuma offers matchless driving sensations with a unique design. It is designed to be simple, aggressive and high-performance. It is first of all a masterpiece of engineering, a sculpture.'



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