Is this the world's shortest firefighter at just 4ft 2in tall?

Firemen are often admired for their large stature but one man is proving that size really doesn't matter.

Standing at just 4ft 2in tall, Vince Brasco, 19, has been a volunteer fireman in his area for four years.

Whilst he has yet to pass the necessary exams that allow him too enter burning buildings, Brasco is responsible for manning the water pipes when on call in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Vince can bench-press over three times his own 6st 3lb (87lb) weight, lifting 19 stone (265lb), and cites his upper body strength for his ability to handle the department's' heavy-duty equipment.

He said: 'I work out a lot - as much as I can down at my gym. It really helps on the job. You need to be strong.

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