Police: Officer paid for sex in patrol car

Officials said a Florida police officer accused of paying for sex in his patrol car and pointing his weapon at other officers will still receive a pension.

Andrea Davis, a spokeswoman for the Tampa Police Department, said an Internal Affairs investigation three years ago found Cpl. Matthew Dolitsky had been having sex in his patrol car and using cash and cocaine to pay for the encounters, WTSP-TV, Tampa, Fla., reported Monday.

"During the first Internal Affairs investigation, which we were doing covertly, he got wind of that investigation," Davis said.

She said a second investigation was opened after Dolitsky allegedly pointed his gun at other officers in the squad room and threatened to kill anyone who spoke about him to IA.

"What would you do if I shot you?" he allegedly asked another colleague.

Davis said Dolitsky resigned before he could be fired. She said the case was referred to the State Attorney's Office, but prosecutors said there were evidence issues making a conviction unlikely, so no charges were filed.

The lack of a termination or criminal charges means Dolitsky will receive a pension of $27,142 each year for the rest of his life, starting when he turns 46 in four years, the report said.



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