That's a pony and trapped! Unfortunate animal has to be cut free after getting trapped inside tractor tyre

A horse lover was left with a wheel emergency on her hands - after her pony Smila got trapped inside a huge tractor tyre.

Marlene Schmidt, 30, from Limmer, Germany, believes the horse had been trying to graze on fresh grass under the tyre when she slipped and fell head first into it.

The unfortunate animal was left trapped inside the tyre with one of her hind legs poking out and her head pushed into the ground.

Firefighters had to use hydraulic cutting equipment - normally used to rescue people from the wreckage of car crashes - to eventually free the terrified pony.

Fortunately, Smila was unhurt in the incident, apart from a few dents to her pride.

Ms Schmidt said: 'She's very playful and often gets into scrapes.

'But I am just happy that nothing worse happened.'



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