Bilingual parrot can speak Urdu and English

Mittu, a two-year-old African grey parrot, really is a clever boy… the bilingual bird can speak in English and Urdu.

Owner Ghaffar Ahmed says the bird has picked up a number of phrases in both English and Urdu after being raised in a home in Bradford where both languages are spoken.

So in addition to being able to say typical parrot phrases like 'who’s a pretty boy?' Mittu can also say ‘come here’, ‘hello' and 'How are you?’ in Urdu.

But while Mittu has recently been re-homed to Stourbridge, West Midlands, Ghaffar says he won't be taking him to the local mosque -- because another parrot of his escaped recently.

Which is a shame, because the bird can apparently also speak a host of other religious passages… proving it is not bird-brained… though we really would have liked video evidence.

Speaking of the bird, Ghaffar said: "He speaks Urdu and English – I don’t know how many bilingual birds there are in the UK but there can’t be many.

"My in-laws live in Bradford and a family who they know were looking to re-home the parrot as he was becoming too much of a handful.

"They wanted him to go to a home that spoke the same language, so we said we’d have him on board and ever since then he has become part of the family.

"He says a few words including ‘asalaam alaykum’, ‘bismillah’, which means ‘in the name of Allah’ and ‘shabaash’ – which means ‘well done’

"But he also barks like a dog and makes the noise of the refrigerator alarm, so he likes making all sorts of noises really."



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