Woman survives multi-storey car park fall

A woman who reversed her car off the sixth floor of a multi-storey car park has survived and is recovering in hospital.

According to The Herald Sun, the 41-year-old's silver Mitsubishi landed on the passenger side after hitting the roof of a nearby building in mid-air. The woman was still conscious after the fall when paramedics rushed to the scene.

Paramedic Matthew Riddle said: "[She] was still in the driver's seat, supporting herself so she didn't fall."

The incident took place in Melbourne's CBD, and Riddle continued by revealing that it took 20 minutes to free the driver from the wreck. He added: "There was only about 30 centimetres between the car and the wall on either side of the laneway, so we had to edge our way in against the car to get to the woman."

Richelle Hunt of Australia's ABC Local Radio also arrived at the scene and said: "The entire side of the car is exposed. The doors have been ripped off, the windows have been shattered and we're seeing completely inside the car."

ABC News of Australia reported that the woman will be interviewed by police, and that the area has been treated as a crime scene.



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