The 5 Hottest Geek Girls on the Internet

Michelle Boyd

Michelle Boyd’s an excellent introduction to what we call hot and geeky. Boyd graduated with a degree in Neuroscience, before deciding to pursue a career in acting. While she has landed roles on television and film, her big break would come in a web series, The Guild. Since then, Boyd who is already and easily beautiful, has cemented her fame of a geeky girl by making a spoof of Katy Pery’s California Gurls Music video.

The collaboration with Milynn Sarley earned 1 million views in less than a week, making this geek a force to be reckoned with.

Mila Kunis

Almost a no-brainer on this list, Kunis of Hollywood fame is famous for being hot… and geeky. Kunis is a self-confessed gaming addict, once plying her trade as an internet geek in the popular MMORPG game, World of Warcraft.

She would spend whatever little free time she had on game and while she has cut down on the game, we’ll be happy to enshrine her in the Hot Geek’s Hall of Fame.

Sara Benincasa

Not the biggest of names but Sara Benincase has her fair share of fame sitting in a bath tub with other geeky celebrities. Sara cleverly launched her internet career with a series of vlogs and has not looked back since, which comes at no surprise considering her natural appeal and gift of the gab.

Veronica Belmont

Apparently, the Tekzilla video show host doesn’t think hosting a daily internet video show is geeky enough, so she decides to start a podcast series (yes you heard that right) on all things science fiction and nerdy.

Belmont’s definitely a shining example to all the girls out there on who they should aspire to be.

Jolie O’Dell

If being a passionate programmer and an even more passionate blogger doesn’t make Jolie O’Dell an internet nerd, we don’t know what does. O’Dell seemed to have it all planned out, as she moved into web blogger right after she stepped out of college. A successful stint with ReadWriteWeb propelled her internet career and she’s now a leading star on Mashable Blog.



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