Is My Boyfriend Cheating? Find Out Today!

I have a confession. I was once just like you. I once mulled over the question, “Is my boyfriend cheating?” all day almost every day. It was a harrowing experience, one I wouldn’t wish on friend or foe. I lost sleep, lost weight, and lost interest in everything else save for my boyfriend and our relationship.

Is my boyfriend cheating on me? I ask myself this each time he pulls out of the driveway an hour early for work, or straggles home more dead than alive, reeking heavily of jasmines and wine.

I must have been the biggest idiot alive for even asking, “Is my boyfriend cheating?” despite all the warning signs. He used to be a slob who rated baths as chores to do only during the weekend. Then suddenly, it seemed to me he couldn’t bathe enough. He started buying underwear, too - lots of them - and started agonizing over how he looked and smelled.

He also became cell phone-obsessed. For someone who used to be technologically challenged, he took to mobile calling and messaging like fish to water. He lugs his cell phone everywhere. He sleeps with it, showers with it, checks messages every minute or so. I quizzed him about it one time and he shrugged it off with, “We’re working on a really major project. These folks need me like they need a slave.”

Looking back, I shouldn’t have been so trusting. I should have paid attention to resources like Catch That Cheating Bastard and How to Catch a Cheating Spouse. If I had, I could have come to terms with the betrayal sooner and moved on quicker.

I have a confession. I had once been like you. I was cheated on repeatedly, day in, day out, week after week after week. I got over it, however. Today, I count my lucky stars that cheat of a boyfriend and I didn’t end up together. I made a much better life for myself after I had been cheated on. So can you.


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