Model Petra Benova shows of her super -svelte figure in pink frilly bikini

She recently admitted that she was back on the market after splitting from her boyfriend.

And the single life certainly seemed to be agreeing with Slovakian model Petra Benova as she spent a relaxed day by the sea in Miami on Sunday.

Showing off her trim and toned figure in a pink frilly bikini, she seemed to have already acquired s hunky new male companion for her day out.

Proving just how much time she's spent soaking up the sun recently, the model looked browner than usual, having clearly spent a lot of time outdoors.

And the star looked just as svelte as usual as she strutted around the white sands, wearing the girlie pink bikini which had layers of embellished frills attached.

Petra proved that she's not just someone to watch from the sidelines as she spent most of her time in the water, totally submerging herself and getting her long blonde hair completely wet.

But while she was splashing around in the surf, the young model kept on her long silver pendant and matching earrings, covering her face with large aviator sunglasses.

And the star proved that she certainly wasn't lacking any male attention since the split.

She was spotted leaving the beach with an equally bronzed hunky male companion, chatting away as she gazed up at him.

Petra seemed to have removed her wet bikini and covered up in a long white sundress, cinched in at the waist with a studded belt.

The fun-loving star, who is currently located in the city, recently admitted that she had split from her boyfriend on Instagram.

She posted a picture of herself posing in a white tank top with the words: 'No boyfriend, no problem' emblazoned across the front.

When one of her pals asked if it was true, she responded: 'Yup- no BF. we broke up months ago now. Life is good.'

Source : dailymail


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