Yolanda Foster joins model daughter Gigi, 17, on bikini shoot

It's certainly not the most typical of mother and daughter bonding experiences.

On Wednesday, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster was seen accompanying her 17-year-old daughter GiGi Hadid to a bikini shoot just outside of LA.

Posing in various states of undress on the shoot that took place at Vasquez Rocks Park, Gigi given encouragement by her mother.

At one point during the shoot, Gigi, Yolanda's daughter from a previous marriage, is seen topless in nothing but a sarong with her mother proudly watching on and helping her adjust what little she has on.

The boho-themed shoot saw Gigi wear gladiator-style sandals, a white bikini and a messy-chic hairstyle before removing most of her outfit.

The revealing pictures will be featured in an upcoming issue of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, which is billed as being distributed to the 'ultra high-end demographics around the world.'

And Yolanda, who is the wife of music composer David Foster, has certainly ruffled feathers since arriving in her A-list neighbourhood of Beverly Hills.

Controversially, in a previous episode of Real Housewives, Yolanda was seen advising her daughter to diet.

'You can have one night of being bad, right,' she told her. 'Then you gotta get back on your diet you know, because in Paris and Milan they like the girls just a bit on the skinny side.'

However, as a former model herself, the tall Dutch blonde, who is still in-demand at the age of 48, was perhaps speaking from experience.

Defending her comments she said: 'Looking at this episode, I really cracked myself up because I look like a complete control freak (which by the way I am),'

'As you can tell, my Gigi isn't too thrilled to have us at her photo shoot. What you don’t see are the fun and sweet moments so I resemble this annoying stage mother that I am most definitely not.'

Last month, Yolanda was recovering in hospital after having a port in her arm removed, that was being used to treat her Lyme disease, a bacterial infection obtained from tick bites.

Yolanda revealed she was going to have the port, which is a medial device placed under the skin to help ease frequent drug injections and blood tests, in December.

'Need to Start my treatment for Neuro Borellia Lyme disease, can't wait to get my energy back.' she tweeted.

 Yolanda is a mother-of-three, with five stepdaughters and six step-grandchildren. Her younger daughter Bella is also forging making a career as a model.

Her husband David Foster has 16 Grammys to his name and is credited with discovering stars including Celine Dion, Michael Buble and Josh Groban.

Yolanda is his fourth wife, with his exes including Bruce Jenner's former wife, actress Linda Thompson.

Source : dailymail

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