Son born in prison 19 years ago earns £119 bail to FINALLY free his mother

The teenage son of a woman who has languished in jail for almost two decades in India for the want of £119 in bail money has finally secured his mother's release.

Kanhaiya Kumari, 19, was born in prison to Vijaya, 48, who was arrested in 1993 in relation to a case involving the murder of one of her neighbours in India's Aligarh district.

She was granted bail in 1994 but - abandoned by her husband - was unable to provide the 10,000 rupee surety required to secure her freedom. Now she has been reunited with her son, after he worked to earn the bail money and lobbied a High Court for his mother's release.

Mrs Kumari has denied any involvement in the historic murder case in the village of Mahrauni in Aligarh.

Arrested while five months pregnant, she gave birth to Kanhaiya while incarcerated, after which mother and son were sent to the Nari Niketan prison in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Mrs Kumari was granted bail by a court in 1994, but her husband refused to post the 10,000 rupee bail money.

Kanhaiya was sent to a juvenile remand home in Lucknow at the age of 11, where he spent seven years before his release last year.

As soon as he was allowed to leave the home, Kanhaiya got a job in a factory and set about earning the bail money to free his mother.

He lobbied the Allahabad High Court for Mrs Kumari's release, and she was finally granted bail and reunited with her son outside the prison walls on May 5.

'Vijaya's story is amazing. Her son, born in jail, finally brought her out,' said Nari Niketan superintendent Shashi Srivastava.

Source : dailymail


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