Man completes epic 10,000 mile journey from Adelaide to London on his beloved scooter

 A motorcyclist has completed an incredible two year, 10,000 mile journey from Australia to London riding his beloved Vespa scooter.

Drew Milne, a software engineer, pictured himself with the motorcycle in a variety of exotic locations - from Iran to India - during the epic adventure, which began in his home town of Adelaide in March 2011.

Mr Milne, who was 31 when the journey began, has called his adventure, the 'Vescapade' and plans to publish a book about his experiences.

He captured the various places he travelled through and the interesting people he met along his way on his camera.

Mr Milne says the trip was a way for him to see the world in a unique way. He said the Vespa was a great way to meet people during the journey, as it drew them to him out of curiousity.

Among the highlights of his trip was a journey through Iran - where he pictured the Vespa in Persiopolis, and in front of a motorway signpost.

Another highlight was a picture with two local men when he stopped for a break in Punjab, India.

Mr Drew experienced the full variety of driving conditions during the long trip to London, from searing heat to freezing weather in Italy.

Among the other countries he rode through were Turkey, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos.

He celebrated the end of the trip by standing on top of the Vespa triumphantly in front of Trafalgar Square in London.

Vespas were first made by the Italian firm Piaggio & Co in the 1940s.

The bikes became a cult icon during the 1960s - and were central to Mod culture in Britain and other countries.

 Their popularity has grown again in many countries in recent years as part of a retro revival.

Source : dailymail


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