Circus performer dances with death in lion waltz

Dancing in the arms of a full-grown lion may not be how most would prefer to spend their day, but then sticking their head between its jaws may not be either.

Oleksiy Pinko, Ukraine's famed circus artist and lion tamer, is a regular sight for such death-defying spectacles while photographed during his latest literally jaw-dropping performance with the National Circus in Kiev on Wednesday.

The lion, with paws the size of dinner plates, is seen twirling in Pinko's arms on the center ring while in another shot he's amazingly seen gently kissing the tip of the creature's wet nose.

If that weren't enough for his audience, Pinko then stretches the cat's massive jaws apart before sticking his unprotected head inside.

Pinko releases one hand from the cat's bottom jaw as he presses his head, face first, down the throat of the mighty beast.

As a long-time lion tamer, the astonishing series of stunts weren't his first brush with danger - nor would it have been his first time if attacked.

In 2010 Pinko escaped near death during a performance also in Kiev that ended early after two lions savagely pounced on him.

The massive animals shredded his clothes to pieces and left his arm battered and bloody.

He was taken to a local hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for his wounds.

Source : dailymail


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