Amazing pictures that show the town that really lives under a rock

 The idea of traditional Andulacian homes typically conjure up images of sun-drenched villages with white-washed homes.

But the small town of Setenil de las Bodegas in Spain could not be more different.

The town is home to around 3,000 people - who all live beneath the shadow of a huge rock.

The Andalucian town, northeast of Cadiz, was built along a narrow river gorge eroded by the Rio Trejo river.

But whereas many visitors are puzzled that anybody would want to live in the shadowed area, the residents have a very practical reason for building their homes there - a tradition which has dated back to pre-historic times.

Many of the houses are built into and under the walls of the gorge itself - eradicating the need to build entire houses, they can live in the gnarled caves and just construct a facade, according to Messy Nessy Chic.

The sheltered caves are perfect for blocking out the hot and cold temperatures that sweep the country.

The residents may be living under a rock, but they are clearly in touch with their surroundings.

Sentinel's bars, restaurants and food shops are widely regarded as being the best in the region.

Prized delicacies such as chorizo, olive oil, honey, jam and Andalucian wine are all sold in the town.

The town's name is a hybrid of two defining features of its history.

The name Setenil comes from the the Latin septem nihil – 'seven times no'.

This appears to be a reference to the Christian conquests in the 15th century.

Catholic kings were reclaiming territory across the region from the Moors from Africa, who since 711 had ruled the area.

But it took the Catholic warriors seven attempts to reconquer the city and they finally drove the Moors out in 1485.

The extra 'de las Bodegas' was added in the 15th century - either to honour the vineyards which died out because of pests in the 19th century, or in reference to the caves which maintained local produce, Environmental Graftti reported.

Source : dailymail


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