Chinese woman threatens to jump from fifth floor of hospital unless she is given a cigarette

This young Chinese woman is proof that smoking can be seriously bad for your health after she threatened to jump off the fifth floor of a hospital building unless she was given a cigarette.

Jia Li Pan, 24, had gone to the hospital in Zhongshan, in Guangdong province, southeast China, for a counselling session after encountering difficulties including losing her job.

She was in the waiting room when she asked if she could have a cigarette from another patient.

When he refused, she lost her temper and started shouting, going onto the balcony where smokers were taking a break and reportedly threatened to jump unless one of them gave her a cigarette.

When nobody obliged, she climbed over the balcony and threatened to throw herself to her death.

By that point all the smokers had fled and a crowd had gathered below the balcony – alerting police.

One officer gave the young woman a cigarette and then after she was offered her fifth cigarette he used the opportunity to pretend to light it – and grabbed her to pull her to safety.

In the meantime, firemen had set up a crash mat below and once she was pulled to safety she was sedated and sent off to the psychiatric ward of a local hospital.

A police spokesman said: 'I don't believe that she has mental problems, but she has had some bad news lately and it seems to have made her act a bit irrationally.'

He said she would probably be given counselling and released without charges.

Source : dailymail


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