Beautiful kingfisher swoops down to nab its prey in the blink of an eye

These close-up pictures of a majestic kingfisher catching its dinner in Worcestershire show that British wildlife can be just as stunning as exotic animals anywhere in the world.

Photographer Ian Schofiled captured the orange and blue bird as it swooped down to the River Salwarpe near Droitwich Spa to hunt for fish from the branches.

It took two attempts but the bird persevered, nosediving down beak first to catch its prey unawares.

Kingfishers are characterised by their rapid, low flight over water and their ability to hunt fish by hovering in wait above the water's surface.

The feathers on their backs can appear blue or green depending on the angle at which they are viewed.

They are a vulnerable to hard winters and are usually not found outside southern England because of their sensitivity to the cold.

Other interesting birds on the River Salwarpe include green woodpeckers, kestrels, buzzards, sparrow hawks, mistle thrushes and herons.

It was all the more exciting to spot the kingfisher after one died in 2010 from oil that polluted the river, rich which is rich in wildlife throughout the year.

Two geese were also taken for treatment at a nearby rescue centre.

The substance affected more than three miles of the River Salwarpe.

Source : dailymail


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