Awesome image captures power of the great grey owl as it closes in on its prey

 This incredible sequence of photographs has captured the deadly moment a great grey owl swoops down on an unassuming mouse and snags its prey.

The majestic bird swoops from the sky to snatch the tiny rodent from the ground below.

Wings spread and talons outstretched, the magnificent bird grabs its prey and firmly clutches in its beak before tucking into the tasty meal.

The shots were captured in February by photographer Tom Samuelson, 55, while taking photographs along the Lake Superior shoreline just south of Two Harbors in Minnesota, U.S.

 Mr Samuelson, from Minnesota, said: 'A friend and I continually monitor different websites for wildlife activity in the area and heard there were a good number of owls at the location so headed over.

'Although owls are notoriously shy creatures it is possible to get up close and personal with them.

'Great greys are very tolerant of humans as long as you approach them in the right manner.

'I have had them within feet of me and they will sit there as long as you are quiet and don't move.

'On this occasion our tip was right on the money as we didn't have to wait long to capture the amazing animal.'

Mr Samuelson had barely set up his Canon 5D Mark II camera when the owl swooped in to catch the mouse.

'It was an incredible yet quite terrifying moment to see how quickly and accurately the owls can catch prey like that,' he said.

'I didn't think the shots would come out so clean with it happening so fast.

'I love nature photography - it gets me out into the natural world. There is so much beauty out there.'

Source : dailymail


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