Hilarious moment an amorous dolphin leaped out of the water... and got frisky with a female tourist

Taking their reputation for friendliness to a whole new level, hilarious video shows one amorous dolphin burst out of the water and begin to dry-hump a shocked girl.

The YouTube clip which has been viewed over two million times, begins with the girl sitting on a pontoon in Cuba dangling her legs in the water having just encountered a dolphin who is swimming in the area.

She obviously made an immediate impression because seconds later the dolphin leaps up onto the girl putting her flat on her back and into a state of uncontrollable giggles as it thrusts away.

Oblivious to the laughter of the lifeguards and holidaymakers standing around watching, the dolphin carries on regardless for about ten seconds before looking around and slipping itself back into the water.

Bobbing its head, the dolphin seems to share a smile with the hysterically laughing girl, before dipping itself back under leaving the girl to look around wondering what hit her.

YouTube user bsms808, who posted the footage, joked in the description, 'My friend got more than she bargained for! Flipper flippin' loved it!'

Listed under entertainment on the video-sharing website, the video was uploaded in July of last year, but has garnered millions of hits in the last week.

Dolphins are acknowledged as one of only a few species, including humans to have an interest in recreational sex.

A team of researchers spent six years studying the behaviour of 120 bluenose dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia and discovered that dolphins exhibit human style traits in their sexual practices.

This included recreational sex within their pod, males acting as 'wingmen' for each other in mating situations and even examples of sexual violence towards each other.

So complicated are the bonds between dolphins that one of the researchers has described them as ‘mentally and physically exhausting’ – and declared he was glad he wasn’t a dolphin.

The researchers found that dolphins appeared to live in a society without boundaries, in which animals paired and teamed up for a time, before splitting apart or even switching sides.

Only human society has such a complex social structure.

Professor Connor told Discovery News: ‘I work on the male dolphins and their social lives are very intense. It seems there is constant drama.’

The study is just the latest example of dolphin intelligence.

The creatures also communicate through body language and can be taught to understand the basic elements of human language including vocabulary, sentences, questions and demands.

Source : dailymail


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