Branching out into pole dancing, the new King of the Swingers

It is perhaps too early in his jiving career to describe this young gorilla as the king of the dancefloor.

But he is certainly a pretender to the throne as he enthusiastically ‘throws shapes’ while standing at the very top of a pole.

The two-year-old gorilla, called Bangui, was photographed by Florence Perroux, a conservation officer at La Palmyre Zoo in Les Mathes, France.

The 38-year-old said: ‘As they grow up, ape infants mimic the attitude of their adult counterparts, and this young one was showing off at the top of a pole.

‘This young male is just experimenting with chest beating, the typical display of silverbacks.

‘Young gorillas often beat their chest and they love clapping their hands. It’s really funny to observe.

‘But instead of his chest, he beats his inner thighs, which is also a game for him.

‘It looks like a dance but it’s a game and a way to attract attention.’

Source : dailymail


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