Adorable cubs with a head fur heights climb up a tree for fun

Maybe they were looking for a place to escape a telling off from mum and dad, but these mischievous young bear cubs haven't done a very good job of hiding themselves.

At least 11 of the playful youngsters were photographed sitting in the spindly-looking tree in North America clinging to every spare inch of the trunk.

While the cuddly bears look like they could be escaping danger on the ground, they are actually using the tree as their playground, affectionately tussling with each other.

The hanging brown bears of all shades climbed over their brothers and sisters to find the best spot and settle in for an uncomfortable-looking rest.

One of the bears appears to have taken a rest on the back of one his siblings while others climb higher, keeping a watchful eye on the ground.

When fully grown brown bears can reach eight-foot in height and weigh up to 800 pounds and canbe found throughout North America as well as in parts of Scandinavia, Russia and central Asia.

Source : dailymail


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