The spooky albino squirrel who has made a graveyard his favourite haunt

A ghostly, white figure has been spotted moving silently between the gravestones in a cemetery in Kent.

It could be a scene from a horror film but in actual fact the red eyes, sharp claws and pure white body belongs to an albino squirrel, that has happily set up home in Margate cemetery.

Despite the rather chill-inducing scene, the little creature is far from scary.

Wildlife photographer, Tony Flashman snapped the critter, who is often delighting locals and visitors to the site.

Mr Flashman said: 'Many people travel for miles to get a glimpse of this very unusual animal.'

However, it seems the rare creature is the only one. There are claims that he has a little friend and that there are in fact two albino squirrels living in the cemetery.

Perhaps the other one comes out to play at night, when there is a full moon.

Albinism in squirrels occurs at a rate of one per 100,000 births.

The rare genetic defect occurs in both human and animals due to a lack of an enzyme involved in the production of melanin.

Albino animals have always fascinated humans and when discovered in the wild are often put in zoo's or circuses.

Famous Albino animal attractions include Snowflake the Gorilla who had thousands of visitors come an pay their respects to his home in Barcelona Zoo when it was announced he had terminal skin cancer.

It is rare that albino animals in the wild survive as their fur make them stand out and proves difficult to camouflage.

Source : dailymail


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