What happened when a leopard befriended a cute baby antelope?

It may look like one of nature's heartwarming interactions but the outcome, sadly, is not a happy one.

This at first apparently playful encounter between leopard and newborn steenbok (part of the antelope family) was captured by a safari guide in the Sabi Sand Game reserve, in South Africa.

The big cat seemed to want to make friends with the calf for 45 minutes and the small creature was so unafraid of the predator it even tried to suckle milk from it. But then nature took its course and the leopard decided playing with the Bambi lookalike was probably not as much fun as eating it. In a flash, he killed the newborn, which had foolishly ventured out into the brush after being hidden in a nearby bush by its terrified mother, who was powerless to intervene.


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