Once-in-a-lifetime picture of baby owls all looking straight down the lens

They say never work with animals or children, but one amateur photographer has brilliantly disproved the theory by showing that with skill, persistence and a bit of luck it is possible to get the perfect shot.

Computer scientist Maurizio Malagoli was visiting a wildlife rehabilitation centre, in Modena, Italy, when he fell in love with a group of little owls who were being readied for release back into the wild.

He managed to capture five of the birds all looking the same way after they were startled by the sound of an earlier picture being taken. Mr Malagoli, 36, from Modena, said: "That day I knew they would release some little owls, so I wore camouflage and waited them to fly off. 'I had to wait about a couple of hours before a group of birds were close enough to be photographed. At the first shot all their eyes turned to the direction of the camera shutter sound.


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