Nepalese mother seeks treatment for rare condition that causes whiskers to sprout across family's faces

A Nepalese family with a rare condition that causes excessive facial hair growth have travelled from their remote village home in the hope of securing life-changing treatment.
Devi Budhathoki, 37, and her daughters Manjura, 13, Niraj, 12, and Mandira, five, suffer from a congenital problem known as 'werewolf syndrome', which causes hair to sprout between their eyes and across their brows.

The foursome travelled to the country's capital, Kathmandu, in the hope that their hypertrichosis could be cured for good.

Surgeon Shankar Man Rai, from Kathmandu Model Hospital, said the genetic mutation could have transferred from mother to children. He said he was confident that a course of laser therapy can remove what has felt like a curse because of constant taunts from others. Ms Budhathoki said: 'More than myself, I'm worried about my children. They are mocked by their classmates.


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