Zebras captured in bloody battle for dominance

These aggressive zebras were left covered in blood after a vicious battle for supremacy in their herd.

The two males, thought to be aged around ten and four years old, were pictured gripped in a noisy and ferocious battle that lasted several hours.

Photographer Winfried Wisniewski was in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, to see the calving of 250,000 wildebeest.

But the 62-year-old was stunned to see the common zebras kicking and biting each other so violently.

He said: 'I watched for about an hour as the two stallions engaged in a serious and noisy fight.

'They were fighting for dominance in a zebra family group of abut ten members.

'It was obvious they had been fighting for a long time before we even arrived because both were seriously hurt.

'I would say they had probably been fighting for a few hours.

'The younger one seemed to be the dominant one but he tired and the older one eventually won.

'The younger zebra gave up and disappeared.'


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