Women tell 468 diet lies a year

LONDON: A woman tells 468 lies a year about what she has eaten, how much she has eaten and how much she drank, a new study has found out.

The study, commissioned by Timex, found that she lies about her diet nine times per week.

Common classic lies include: 'It was only a small portion', after consuming a large dish or 'I'll have a big lunch so I won't eat much after this', when in fact they know they will, the Daily Express reported.

Others to be wheeled out regularly include 'I only treat myself once in a blue moon', while munching on treats all day, and 'I always eat my five-a-day'.

The study was conducted to launch Timex's Health Tracker watch, designed to help people to enter calories consumed into a daily food diary and show how many - or how few - are burnt off throughout the day.

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