Steel superstructure with 1,000ft high roof garden to be built in Taiwan

Towering over the skyline of the Taiwanese city of Taichung, this superstructure could become one of the most surreal buildings on the entire planet.

Huge 1,000ft high beams of steel stretch into the sky creating a giant triangular frame which will house the world's highest roof garden for visitors to enjoy.

As tall as the Eiffel Tower, the Taiwan Tower is the brain child of Tokyo based architect Sou Fujimoto, who won an international competition to design the building.

Fujimoto claims the building is his 'oasis', which he says is trying to embody the 21st century spirit of the East Asian island.

The tower project is composed of two main parts, that of the steel frame and the roof garden. The design is inspired by the Taiwanese Banyan tree.

A labyrinth of beams is designed to create a semi-outdoor space, while the garden above seemingly floats in the sky.

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