Package arrives after 33 years

A package put in the mail 33 years ago has finally arrived at its intended Alaska address, the recipient said.

The package was sent to the Anchorage home of "Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson" in October 1978 by a family member and arrived Monday at the home where they used to live, KTUU-TV, Anchorage, reported Thursday.

James Wilson died during the summer and his wife, Betty, now lives in Arkansas. However, Normal McDonald, a longtime friend, now lives in the Anchorage home and called Betty when the package arrived.

"I was just amused more than anything else," Betty said. "All the coincidences that have taken place in this instance. Normal is living in my house. Only because of that did it ever get to who it was supposed to get to. Had someone else been living in the house it would not have been given to me."

The package contained several pages of letters and genealogy from James Wilson's family.

Postal workers said they do not know where the package has been for all this time.



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