Jeep on the cheap: Chef builds 'off-road' vehicle for just £400

It looks like it might fall apart at any moment.

But this home-made jeep promises to save its owner Qu Zhibu a fortune in the long run - if he can ever make it sturdy enough to legally drive on the road.

Costing just £400, the vehicle has a top speed of 19mph.

It took Mr Zhiba, a chef from Zigong in Sichuan province, three years to make and is modelled on military vehicles.

He constructed every part himself, with the exception of the engine, steering wheel, tires and petrol tank.

As the jeep is powered by a motorcycle engine, Mr Zhiba has to power it up at the rear of the vehicle before jumping in the front to speed ahead.

The two-metre-long and 1.5metre-wide jeep has been Mr Zhiba's obsession since 2008.

He admitted that he has spent practically all of his spare time toiling away to finish the project.

And while it may not be pretty to look at, or road legal, Mr Zhiba and his friends have enjoyed taking it for a spin when they can.



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