Australian taxi driver fined for wearing jeans

An Australian taxi driver was Wednesday ordered to pay Australian dollar 1,415 (US$1,417) for wearing jeans to work despite insisting they were tailor-made and suitable for the job.
Shahram Forozandeh, 44, was prosecuted by the transport department for wearing the trousers contrary to
industry standards when he was stopped during a routine inspection in January, the Adelaide Advertiser reported.

In South Australia state, taxi drivers must wear smart business-style shirts and trousers, with jeans and tracksuit bottoms banned.

Forozandeh protested that his outfit was "purely wool and tailor-made".

"I had no idea that it would be considered as not wearing a uniform as the material was pure wool," he said.

Magistrates slapped him with a Australian dollar 265 fine plus Australian dollar 1,150 in costs.



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