The top 10 Christmas gifts bought by friends

Forget carefully thought-out Christmas presents, the majority of us will opt for standard gifts like gift cards or smellies this festive season.

A poll of more than 2,000 Brits discovered that two thirds of us also buy friends and loved ones Christmas presents with an ‘ulterior motive’ in mind.

52%, purchase presents for friends that they can also benefit from; such as concert tickets while 21% gift presents they would like to eventually ’borrow’.

Other gifts which prove most popular include meals out, CDs, DVDs.

A spokesperson for, which conduced the study said: "It may seem pretty selfish to admit to buying a present for someone that you will also benefit from, but let’s face it; we all love being taken out for dinner!"
According to the study, below are the top ten most popular Christmas gifts as bought by friends for each other:

Top 10 Christmas gifts bought by friends
1. Gift cards – 63%
2. Meal Out– 54%
3. Clothes – 49%
4. Smellies – 41%
5. Concert tickets – 38%
6. Music (CD) – 36%
7. DVD – 35%
8. Money – 32%
9. Festive keep-sake – 21%
10. Joke gift – 18%


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