Big foot! Teenager shows off his SIZE 21 feet… and reveals they make him a hit with the ladies

# Carl Griffiths' feet are 14.5ins long
# By the time he was 12 his feet were size 14, two years later they were a 17
# No shoes big enough in the UK so they are shipped in from abroad

Teenager Carl Griffiths may have the biggest feet in Britain, but he's taking it in his stride.

The 19-year-old, who stands at 6ft 8in, has feet that are a staggering 14.5in long - or a size 21. The UK average men's shoe size is a nine.

Unsurprisingly, he regularly has to put up with people accidentally standing on them and struggles to find shoes that fit so has to order them from overseas.

Mr Griffiths, from Trimsaram in south Wales said: 'My feet have always been huge - ever since I can remember.

'They grew so fast when I was at school my mum kept having to buy me new shoes every few months. Each year I would go through two or three pairs. I just wore them out really quickly.

'At primary school my feet were always two sizes bigger than anyone else’s.

'By the time I was 12 years old they were size 14. Then in the space of two years they had gone up to size 17.

'I play rugby and had a huge struggle finding rugby boots - I had to get them special ordered from America.'

Mr Griffiths stands at 6ft8in tall, just two inches shorter than beanpole England footballer Peter Crouch. But his feet are nine sizes bigger than striker Crouch's size 12s.

This means that the unemployed welder's footwear options are limited - and expensive.

He said: 'They don’t make size 21 shoes anywhere in the UK. They cost about £50 to have made but because the boxes they come in are quite big it costs another £50 to have them mailed back here.

'I’ve got one pair of Nike trainers and a pair of steel-toe cap boots for work. I had some rugby boots made as well but they are already too small.

'I have to wear my trainers for everything so they end up looking grubby really quickly. I wish I could have a tidy pair.'

As he can only wear his trainers on nights out, Mr Griffiths is often turned away from clubs because his footwear doesn’t meet the dress code.

He said: 'It’s happened a few times that some places won’t let me in because I’m not wearing shoes, but usually the boys will come to another club with me.'

And the teenager reveals that women regularly chat him up on the dance floor with the line, 'Is it true what they say about men with big feet?'

Mr Griffiths' father Wayne, 39, a size 13, said: 'I don't know where Carl got his big feet from - he definitely didn't get them from me.'

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