Woman punches bear in face… to save her dog

A dog-owner in Alaska has punched a black bear in the face in a desperate bid to save her pet dachshund from being attacked.

22-year-old Brooke Collins says she was forced to take the drastic action when she found a bear crouched down, clutching her beloved pup Fudge its paws.

Instinctively wanting to help the helpless pooch, the hairdresser ran at the bear and punched it in the snout as it began biting the back of the dog's neck.

The startled bear then dropped the tiny dog and ran off in a somewhat startled manner when Collins' boyfriend tried to further scare it.

Luckily Fudge was not too seriously injured in the attack but is being kept indoors for the time being as her wounds are tended to.
Collins said her dog Fudge has chased bears but never been attacked before.



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